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Eliminating Car and Ped Traffic Accidents

Posted on by John Grazian

What do you call an accident where a car strikes a pedestrian? Is it a car accident or a pedestrian accident. When urban planners and mayors set out to eliminate traffic deaths, who do they target? First they examined the statistics and found that the number of traffic fatalities caused by car accidents attributable to Read More

Women Face More Injury in Car Accidents

Posted on by John Grazian

When litigating car accident lawsuits, we have always found that women seem to consistently sustain more serious injuries than males. Predominantly, back and brain injuries. We began to wonder if this was just the experience of Grazian and Volpe or if it was a statistical fact. We began to do some research and came upon Read More

Bicycle Safer By Avoiding the Right Cross

Posted on by John Grazian

The most common and unfortunate way a cyclist and vehicle meet is referred to as the “right cross”. When referring to car on car accidents, personal injury lawyers may call this the “t-bone”. A right cross occurs when a driver pulls out from the right of a cyclist, say from a side street, parking lot Read More

Older Pedestrians Need Our Care

Posted on by John Grazian

41 million Americans are 65 or older. They are enjoying active and healthier lifestyles achieved often through the simple act of walking. Walking increases bone and muscle strength, mobility, agility and independence. It helps to prevent, delay and control chronic illness and fosters social interactions and better quality of life. However, walking, for all its Read More

How to Win a Slip and Fall Settlement

Posted on by John Grazian

The snow and ice are once again upon Chicago. During this season, Grazian and Volpe receives at least three calls a day from potential clients who have fallen and sustained serious injuries. We conduct a detailed interview with the client immediately. However, it is what client before they call us that may spell the difference Read More

Indoor vs Outdoor Slip and Fall Claims

Posted on by John Grazian

Slip and Fall claims are based on negligence and premise liability theories. An owner of a premises has a duty to maintain the premises in a manner that is safe for visitors. If the owner fails to maintain the premises in a safe condition, he or she may be liable for injuries that are the Read More

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